“The first and foremost instinct of humans… is to seek contact and comforting connection”

– Dr. Sue Johnson

Kaitlin Senkus

Registered Psychotherapist

Creating Connection

You’re on my website because you likely google searched “couples counselling” or “marriage therapy” near me. You’re feeling desperate and you don’t know where to turn. 

 There is distance and disconnection between you and your partner, lover or spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. You feel alone and desperate to reconnect but they feel so far away or you don’t even recognize them anymore. You don’t know where things went wrong but something needs to change. 

 You try to talk to them about your relationship but they get defensive which leads to a fight or they shut down the conversation. You’re left feeling even more alone, unimportant and unloved.  

 You want to feel closer, more connected and be able to talk things out. To be able to trust, support and communicate with each other. You’re ready to tackle your relationship challenges as a team so that you feel heard, respected, and appreciated.



Feeling disconnected, distant, lonely, frustrated in your relationship? Have you noticed an increase in arguments or conflict in your relationship?


In family therapy I meet with all affected family members to understand difficulties and challenges in the family unit and to create healing and connection for everyone.


In individual counselling, clients learn to accept their experiences and emotions, identify stuck patterns of how they view their own emotions. Clients learn to create new narratives of themselves and others.

Contact Me

Please call to book an appointment or ask about services, fees, and scheduling. Offering evening and weekend appointments.


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