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“What if every time you want to use the word addict, you say instead a human being who suffered so much that he or she finds in drugs or some other behaviour a temporary escape from the suffering”               – Gabor Mate

A treatment system cannot make someone commit to abstinence when they are not yet ready to quit or give up the substance or behaviour that gives them relief or escape from internal/emotional pain or suffering. Oftentimes, an individual cannot function without the substance. So how can we expect them to quit without a therapeutic plan? Addiction therapy aims to meet you where you are at and create a treatment plan with you that is lasting while providing coping strategies and a therapeutic approach for inner healing.


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Addiction occurs when we lose the ability to control how much or how often we consume something. It is the experience of craving, compulsion, loss of control, inability to stop self-defeating or harming behaviour that maintains the addiction.

The change process is not a straight line. Just like people break up relationships and then get back together before leaving for good, people will use, reduce, quit (break up with addiction), use again (relapse), quit again.

    Addiction can include:

    • alcohol
    • opiates
    • cigarettes
    • stimulants
    • depressants
    • internet
    • gambling
    • sexual activity

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    Together, let’s create a thriving, balanced life for you and your family.

    Addiction counselling in Timmins

    There is hope.

    At Creating Connection, our therapists are trauma-informed and utilize an integrative approach that includes somatic psychotherapy (movement), sensory processing, mindfulness and art therapy to help you heal.

    These bottom-up approaches are evidence-based and promote change and healing when just talking doesn’t seem to be enough. 

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