Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in Therapy

Worried about the fee? Therapy is a commitment and we understand that it costs a lot. Understand that therapy is an investment. Your happiness is worth it. YOU and YOUR relationships are worth it.

Compare the financial cost of short-term therapy to the possible long-term emotional costs of NOT seeking help: The benefits far outweigh the risks.

How do I choose the right therapist for me?

Choosing a therapist is an important decision because you do not want to waste your time and money with a professional who isn’t meeting your needs. Our therapists offer a free 15-20 min telephone consultation so you can get a feel of what it would be like to meet with your therapist before getting started. 

What happens during the consultation and how do I book it?

If you would like to learn more about working with one of our clinicians, click Book An Appointment on our website and schedule your FREE 20-min telephone consultation. On our website you’ll find all the information you are looking for regarding fees for service, specialties we focus on and registration information to check with your insurance company whether or not you have coverage.

During your consult you can ask anything you want, share a bit about what you’re up against and what you want help with, and get a sense of how it’d be to work with your therapist.

What does Creating Connection offer?

We provide therapy for individuals, couples, children and families. We are based out of Timmins, Ontario. We offer both in-person and virtual sessions.

Do you offer direct billing?

Yes! All therapists now offer direct billing to insurance companies on your behalf through Telus eclaims. However, not all insurance companies allow for direct billing. If we are not able to direct bill, clients are expected to make payment for their services at each appointment via debit, credit or etransfer. If you have insurance coverage for Social Work or Psyhotherapy, you can submit your invoice to get reimbursed. 

Is it ever too late to go for couples counselling?

No. Even if you’ve already started down the road of getting a divorce, it’s not too late to seek out couples counselling. In some cases, reconciliation is possible. In every case, we can help work with you both to bring healing going forward and if you have children, we can assist you in learning how to co-parent well.

How often should we come to therapy?

Every week. Both experience and research demonstrates that you need frequency and consistency to see results. If you attend a session every other week or three weeks there’s too much time in between sessions for old ways and negative patterns to take over your relationship again. Couples who get therapy intensely in the beginning get better results and see changes faster. Who doesn’t want to get fast results sooner?

How many sessions do we need?

At least 3 as a couple. The total # of sessions will vary based on the issues that bring you to therapy and how emotionally invested you are in your relationship between session. Chances are, by the time you are here looking around my website, it’s likely that couples therapy is a last resort for you. Majority of couples wait an average of 4-6 years of their problems building before they seek professional help. 

Once you make the decision to stop sweeping your problems under the rug and emotionally invest in your relationship a short-term treatment approach (usually around 8-12 sessions) will give you the results you want.

Who can benefit from couples counselling?

Whether you are married, living together, about to get married or are considering separation, you can benefit from couples counselling.

I’m struggling with depression, can you help?

Yes. Counselling can provide you with the support you need to improve your quality of life, gain a better understanding of your emotions and deal with any challenges that arise.

Where are you located?

You will find us at 192 Third Avenue in Timmins.

Why should we go for family therapy?

Families seek us out for family therapy for many reasons. Sometimes they are overwhelmed by a family crisis. Or they are struggling with difficult relationships within the family. We work with families to create harmony and build and deepen relationships within the family.

Do you offer grief counselling?

Yes we do. We understand that grieving the loss of a loved one can be devastating and grief can be different for everyone. We will help you navigate this heart-breaking time and provide you with tools on how to process your grief and find healing.

Insurance Coverage

Not all insurance companies cover Psychotherapy or Marriage & Family Therapy. If you’re picking a therapist for your marriage or relationship problems based on who your insurance company will cover, you’re basically asking your insurance provider (who knows nothing about you) to pick your therapist. Personally, I know that the person on the other end of the phone when I call my insurance provider has NO IDEA what problems I’m facing or how to help me fix it.

You wouldn’t want to get treatment from your family physician for something that requires a specialist like an oncologist or a surgeon. So why would you go see a general counsellor for relationship problems?

You want to meet with a couples therapist who is trained to help you in your relationship. As a therapist, I work with couples, families and individuals to help them strengthen their relationships, manage and understand emotions, and navigate difficult situations or decisions.

Contact Us

Please call to book an appointment or ask about services, fees, and scheduling. Offering evening and weekend appointments.


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