Indigenous Services

Access mental health counselling through non-insured health benefits (NIHB)

Cultural Considerations


Our clinic has established partnerships with local Indigenous health centres and organizations.

Incorporating Indigenous Perspective

We acknowledge the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and recognize the importance of cultural identity in healing.

Cultural Awareness Training

Staff members, including therapists and administrators, undergo comprehensive training on Indigenous cultures, histories, and worldviews.

Narrative Approach

Weaving narrative therapy techniques and storytelling as a decolonizing approach to counselling work with Indigenous peoples.

Counselling from the lens of two-eyed seeing

Two-Eyed Seeing, a concept developed by Mi’kmaq Elder Albert Marshall, emphasizes the importance of incorporating both Indigenous knowledge and Western scientific knowledge. By using Two-Eyed Seeing in counseling, counselors can offer more holistic and effective support to clients, considering both their cultural background and their mental health needs.

Two-eyed seeing

Two-Eyed Seeing is a concept that combines Indigenous ways of understanding the world with Western scientific knowledge. It’s like using two eyes to see things more clearly. One eye represents Indigenous knowledge, which includes traditional teachings, cultural practices, and ways of understanding the world passed down through generations. The other eye represents Western knowledge, which includes scientific research, therapy techniques, and medical treatments.

The journey being one of continuous learning and weaving together both perspectives to create a new worldview that uses both these “eyes” together, for everyone’s benefit.


A balance of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness

NIHB – How It Works


What do I need?

You will need a status card to access NIHB counselling with a registered mental heatlh provider


How many sessions?

An eligible client is covered for up to 22 sessions/year for individual, couples or family therapy


Call to get started

Contact our office to initiate the preapproval process with NIHB before your first appointment


Pick your therapist

Most of our counsellors are NIHB approved providers

“The advantage of Two-Eyed Seeing is that you are always fine tuning your mind into different places at once, you are always looking for another perspective and better way of doing things."

– Albert Marshall

When we truly respect the strengths of diverse perspectives, we actually learn to see with more than two-eyes. Albert Marshall’s model encourages us to be fluid, adaptable, and to seek out a variety of approaches and worldviews. Knowledge can be gained in many ways, through relationships, experiences, self-reflection, symbolism, dreams, etc.

– Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute

"Understanding the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities of clients is the first step towards creating an inclusive environment. With that said, multicultural competence goes beyond recognizing cultural differences; it involves actively integrating cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills into therapeutic practice."

– Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute

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