Going No Contact

What does intergenerational trauma mean to me?
The breakdown of my family tree.
The severing of connections.
Passing guilt, trauma and shame through the generations.
Silencing my voice and stifling my true self.
Made in the image of someone else.
Intergenerational trauma hides pain, it hides abuse.
Victims can’t come forward, for fear they will be cut loose.
No longer part of the family.
Speak up and you become the enemy.
Trauma creates division, as relationships break down, no true relations.
You carry the pain and the shame in silence, this is your life because you have not known different.
I choose to break the cycle, and get back to the girl that was lost so long ago.
Severing ties, I choose to take back control.
And as I become me again, I have to let go of all of you.

The Calm After the Storm

Peace is happiness, but this lesson took a while to learn.
When you live in trauma, chaos feels like home; and calm is a scary state.
Chaos distracts and inhibits one’s ability to form a healthy mind.
Eroding one’s resilience one day at a time.
When you do finally find peace, what a strange place to be.
No more walking on eggshells or uncertainty.
The quiet feels lonely, and you feel lost without a home.
But this is a sign that you’re healing, becoming the person you were meant to be, all on your own.
You will learn to find pleasure in the silence and happiness in this new unknown.
Strength to deal with the sadness and hurt that you carried for others.
Even in moments of grief you can still find peace in this new found freedom.
Starting a new journey and finding a new definition of home.

Letting You In

Is isolation truly lonely?
Or does it keep me safe.
Letting people in is dangerous.
Opportunities to get hurt again exist.
Is building walls and barricades to keep others out a real solution?
Can I really live my life like this.
What happens if I let down the walls and let others in.
Would it really be so bad?

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