Loneliness is an emotion many face in their lives. It can manifest in different phases of your life and feel like a weight is on your shoulders. Loneliness can get you thinking, “Why am I struggling to be by myself? Why does it always feel like I need someone there to support me or be around me? How can I be okay on my own?” These questions can sometimes linger in your mind leading to a belief that something is wrong. In reality, it is completely normal and valid to have these feelings. Some of these questions might come up when someone leaves or an intimate relationship ends. Other reasons can come from the emotional connection someone needed in childhood but did not receive, therefore leading to an insecure attachment.

With this said, Knock et al(2010) explains two types of loneliness; emotional and social loneliness. Emotional loneliness comes from the disappearance of attachment and close intimate relationships. Social loneliness is caused by the lack of social reassurance or acts of service.

It is important, if you do notice these thoughts or feelings, to allow yourself time to sit and understand where they are coming from. When you practice this, it can give you the time and space to empower yourself. Seeing your values rather than yearning for a social connection can lead to more secure attachments and healthier relationships.