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Our clinic in Timmins, ON offers a collaborative partnership with Psychotherapy Matters—a virtual platform that connects therapists and their clients to psychiatrists, making the journey towards recovery less stressful. Psychiatrists are medical doctors that prescribe medication and offer a psychiatric diagnosis. Throughout the process and during these psychiatric consultations, your therapist is always present to help you feel comfortable and contribute to the doctor’s evaluation if required. Most clients wait 6-18 months for a psychiatric consult. Because we collaborate with Psychotherapy Matters, your wait is significantly reduced to 6 to 8 weeks. These consultations come with the added convenience of meeting the psychiatrist virtually while in your therapist’s office or your own home.

Call our office to inquire if your therapist collaborates with Psychotherapy Matters. 


Video Sessions with your therapist and psychiatrist

Connecting & Collaborating


How do I book with a psychiatrist?

Please let your therapist know if you’re interested in seeing a psychiatrist. Consultations can be booked after your second psychotherapy session. You will get a referral form to give to your family doctor. Once the family doctor has faxed the referral form to Psychotherapy Matters, your therapist can book your appointment!

Don’t have a therapist? Contact us and we’ll connect you to one.


No extra fees


Do I have to pay extra for a psychiatric consultation?

No! The consultations take place with both your therapist, and the psychiatrist. The therapist’s regular fees may apply. The doctor’s time is covered by OHIP.


Accessible support


How long are psychiatric appointments?

The first consultation is usually 90 minutes long. Follow-ups are 20 minutes long so they can take place during a regular psychotherapy session, saving you excess travel, multiple practitioner visits and lengthy wait times.

Connecting you to the support you need

Our qualified therapists are specialized in a number of areas – offering evidence-based psychotherapy tailored to your needs.

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