New Year Resolutions and the Unseen Struggles

The conversation surrounding New Year resolutions is especially popular in January and the early months of the new year. One frequently discussed topic is the one concerning dieting and exercising goals. Discussing such resolutions may be triggering for some or offer some feelings of discomfort, especially for people who experience issues with their body image and eating habits. It is important to note that many who decide to pursue a weight loss resolution are more concerned with image-based outcomes as opposed to wanting to become healthier. Some may feel immense pressure from family members, friends, and social media to join such a resolution. Many may turn to unhealthy ways to lose weight, which can turn into eating disorders. Eating disorders are associated with great depression and shame.

At the end of the day, a goal that brings happiness and gratitude instead of extreme stress and pressure should be chosen. Each has their individual journey when pursuing a goal; it is important not to compare our progress to others.

Healthy Mindset for New Year Resolution

If you are one to participate in the New Year’s traditions, there are goals you can set for yourself that do not involve following a strict diet or going to the gym every day. If you want to become healthier by reducing stress, you can practice mindfulness exercises such as breath work, meditation or yoga. You can set dedicated time throughout your day for such exercise, whether it is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning or something you add to your nighttime routine. Your goal can also be to try something new throughout the year or to learn a new hobby before the year ends. These goals are flexible since you can start anytime throughout the year with no stress to start in the first month of the new year. You can participate when the time is convenient for you.

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