Family Therapy

Families seek out the support of therapy for many reasons.

You may be overwhelmed by a family crisis or difficult relationships within the family. Conflict can arise when there is an unhealthy family dynamic. Family therapy can help families to create harmony and build or deepen healthy relationships within the family. This can improve overall quality of life and help to relieve stress, emotional difficulties and help with challenging life situations.

We work with families to create healing and connection for everyone within the family unit.

As a parent you might be feeling disconnected, like nothing you do is ever good enough, and you fear you might be losing connection with your child or teen. Emotionally-Focused Family Therapy addresses emotional blocks and helps to strengthen emotional bonds between all members of the family.


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Family Therapy in Timmins

Create healing and connection within the family unit.

Family therapy works with the entire family system to stabilize and de-escalate negative interaction patterns within and between family members. Emotionally-Focused Family Therapy helps to restructure parenting and child interactions following principles of attachment science.

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