Empowering Women with Therapy

Therapy can help challenge negative core beliefs such as “I’m unloveable” “I’m not good enough” “I’m a bad person” “I’m not normal” “I’m worthless” “I’m undeserving”.

We work with you to heal and foster self-love and self-worth from the inside out. Self-care is not just taking walks and extra long bubble baths (yes these things are great!) but let’s be honest, a long bath isn’t that relaxing if the entire time your mind is racing with all of the other things you could be doing or need to get to. Self-care means being able to put yourself first without feeling guilty about it and setting boundaries with difficult people in your life.

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness and self-care into your life by setting boundaries.


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Therapy for Female Empowerment and Self Worth

Feel supported and empowered.

Our approach aims to improve your sense of self worth and self love through CBT and solution focused therapy. You will also learn how to set healthy boundaries. Boundaries can help you:


  • Break self-sabotaging patterns
  • Stop people-pleasing behaviours
  • Express yourself authentically and help you step into your own power
  • Speak assertively, calmly and confidently expressing yourself
  • Have your needs met in your relationships

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